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07:00 Yoga Shred – Live via Zoom

19:30 Core Strengthening Yoga – Live via Zoom



19:30 All Star Yoga –  Live via Zoom 




07:00am Yoga Shred – Live via Zoom




Online Classes


Yoga Shred® 45 mins


A fusion of yoga poses and high intensity interval training.  Using the Tabata timing method we challenge our bodies with repetitive movement which brings us huge benefits such as improved cardiovascular function, weight loss, muscle toning, detoxification, collagen production to tighten skin and so much more.  Our Yoga Shred classes are at 7am on a Monday and a Friday…there are huge benefits to exercising first thing in the morning; a feeling of wellbeing, higher rates of productivity, better focus and concentration, a better nights sleep…and that’s just a handful of reasons to roll out your mat at 7am!


Core Strengthing Yoga 60-75 mins


Core Strength Vinyasa is our yoga of choice.  We focus on building strength from the inside out, harnessing the energy from our core to power us through a yoga flow that is intelligently constructed to get the most out of your body.  We work smart and use our energy wisely whilst always honouring our spine and joints to make this a safe and strengthening practice for all bodies and every ability.


All Star Yoga 60-75 mins


Ok so this one is a fusion of our favourite yogic activities; Core Strengthing Yoga, Yoga Shred (to build power into our practice) and a mini mediation at the end because after this you deserve a treat.


Online prices


Pay as you go £7 per class.


Choose which class you’d like to attend (add the date of the class you are paying for in your payment reference along with your name) and I’ll send you the zoom link for the class.  This option is only valid for the date you request and cannot be held over.  If you are unable to make the class, feel free to gift it onto someone else (just let me know beforehand so I can be sure to admit the recipient of your kind gift).


 Class Pass £50 for 10 class.


With this option you can attend any of the classes on the timetable. Once purchased, your class pass will be valid for 12 weeks which gives you some flexibility if you are unable to attend a particular week.  You can also share your pass with a family member or friend (an ideal way of making sure you use all of your classes).  As always, just let me know who will be attending as your guest so I can admit them into the Zoom meeting room and avoid any delays or disappointments.


Monthly membership £30 (per household)

This option gives you the most flexibility and value for money.  You get access to all 4 classes per week plus any bonus online classes (this also qualifies you for a 50% discount on in person classes for one household member).  You also get to share this membership with others in your household (using the same Zoom device).


 All you need to do is sign up via the PayPal link below to the members subscription, make sure you have the zoom app on your device and wait for your invitation and password to each event.



Stay well, stay safe, stay home.


Payment options

Yoga with Sarah

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Familiarise yourself with the timetable in the Online Classes page.

Choose the payment option:

Pay as you go £7 per class

Class pass 10 sessions for £50*

Monthly Membership £30 per household

*valid for 12 weeks from date of purchase and can be shared with family and friends

Make your payment for your chosen classes via PayPal here

Finally, complete a contact form at the bottom of this page so I can send you more info including; health questionnaire, payment details (if you prefer not to use, or don’t have PayPal) and zoom link details via your preferred method of contact.


Find your Vibe

You are half way there!

Once you make your initial payment you will receive a Health Questionaire via email for you to complete…don’t worry, your data is safe with me.

Next job…keep at it, you’re doing great…is to download the free Zoom app (it’s really easy, honest) onto your device that you will be using for the classes.


Rock Your Yoga World

Nearly there!

Now it’s time for you to gather your equipment…a mat, a block if you have one (or a rolled up blanket/firm cushion/bolster will work fine), a yoga strap (belt or skipping rope are good alternatives) and some comfy clothes you can move freely in.

The hard part is done, now sit back and wait for your zoom invitation and password (it’s really important you don’t share these with anyone to protect all members and ensure that I can continue to create and hold a safe space for my awesome members).

Welcome to the tribe…your support means the world to me.


If you like the sound of my vibe and want to become a member of my tribe contact me via my facebook page or email for more information.


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