I let my vibe attract my tribe!

I’m so glad you are here! Now that you are you should know that I pride myself on offering a personal touch...lets face it, we’re talking about making life changes and finding improvement...it doesn’t get much more personal does it? I know how nerve wrecking it can be to make the first step toward change so I want you to feel supported by me from our very first encounter.
I’m not a stereotypical yoga teacher. I believe in empowering individuals to look into their own shadows, step away from what they think they ‘should be’ or ‘should do’. My mission is to encourage people to look within themselves to find their truth...who they really are beneath all the roles and responsibilities...titles and life pressures. So join me...reconnect with your body and find some serious love for yourself.

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Sometimes we just need to connect with a person and I am 100% here for you. Just complete the form letting me know what you need from your yoga experience, any concerns or questions you might be having and I’ll be here to help you. Email, telephone chat or Zoom (because sometimes we just need to see another person to connect).