This is me

Namaste beautiful people!

I’m Sarah.

When I started to practice yoga it was at home, not a class…I was far too self conscious for that. I battled with anxiety and self doubt for years but then I found a new way to live through yoga. At first it was just through movement…what many know as yoga but after time, yoga became more than just the poses…it became a practice that synchronised my mind and body in a truly beautiful way. I have discovered so many tools to help me to truly love life and most importantly to love and respect myself.

My mission is to share these secrets with as many people as possible. Together we can change the world, one loving thought at a time.

I’ve tried many different types of yoga and, as someone who suffers with back pain, Core Strength Vinyasa (or CSV to it’s friends) really worked for me. CSV Yoga is an anatomically based dance of beautiful flowing movement which honours the spine and allows your body to move as nature intended it to. Practicing CSV Yoga will strengthen you from the inner body to the outer body and I’m not just talking about physically, you will become stronger emotionally and spiritually. My yoga is all about empowerment, self belief, self love and transformation. I want to take you on a journey to discover your truth, who you really are underneath all the roles and responsibilities you carry with you everyday.

Sankalpa Yoga came about during my 200 Hour Teacher Training. I heard this work ‘Sankalpa’ and it just sang to me. Sankalpa is the sanskrit word for resolution but it’s so much more than that. It is an intention formed by the heart and mind, a solemn vow and heartfelt desire to bring about positive changes to your life. My CSV classes always start with a sankalpa…an intention for you to focus on during the poses and the classes always end with meditation and head massage for those who want that in their lives. So come on, find your vibe and join my tribe…I cannot wait to take the journey with you.

Sarah xx

CSV Yoga public classes

75 minutes of intelligent movement designed on the traditions of ancient yoga combined with bang up to date anatomical knowledge so we can move with the utmost safety and care to our bodies respecting our individuality

Yoga Shred public classes

A fusion of high intensity interval training and modified CSV inspired yoga poses. This workout encourages improved cardio fitness which you cannot get from yoga alone.

1:1 private training sessions

Sometimes a public class just doesn’t fit into your lifestyle for one reason or another. I’m here to help you on your yoga journey no matter what your lifestyle predicts. These are bespoke sessions to help you reach your goals and best of all we do them within the comfort of your own home

Family Yoga

Yoga can be a great experience for all the family...providing adults and children valuable bonding time with fun games, stories and mindful practice. These sessions are arranged during school holidays on a quarterly basis. Please sign up to my regular love letters and emails so you don’t miss out!

Small groups and corporate

From enjoying some quality time with your friends to organising a lunchtime yoga session with your work colleagues...I can plan bespoke sessions to suit your needs and time restrictions

Gift experiences

The ideal gift for this crazy world we live in. Give someone the gift of time and space to go on a journey of self discovery through yoga. Gift vouchers can be for 1:1 experiences or to put towards blocks of public classes

Still not sure?
Let me tell you a little bit more about me and Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and how the yoga I have to offer may just rock your world!

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